Little Environmentalists

Grow with Nature Play (3-5 year olds)

Eco Inquire provides learning experiences to facilitate connection to self, nature and community.


These connections develop children’s resilience, confidence, physical skills and inquisitive minds. All sessions link to Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) curriculum

Eco Inquire holds approval to exhibit wildlife from the NSW Department of Primary Industries.


Participants meet amphibians and learn about their lifecycle and habitat requirements. They recognise adaptations and undertake hands-on activities to sequence the life cycle stages of frogs.
In this workshop young entomologists learn how to catch a range of live invertebrates. They use scientific equipment to track, examine and share their discoveries.
Nest Engineering
Children being the engineering design process with this STEM challenge to build a birds nest. The workshop encourages fine motor skills and problem solving.
Nature Numeracy
Children share collections of natural objects and use them to represent data. These concepts are not only important for literacy and numeracy; they also encourage young learners in scientific observation.
Fossils and Footprints
Little paleontologists will ‘dig’ this workshop. With special tools, children identify footprints, uncover fossils and carefully crack dinosaur eggs to reveal the dinosaur inside.
This workshop helps kids to understand how recycling and reusing minimises landfill. Children recycle cardboard and use child-friendly tools to build imaginative and playful constructions.
Habitat Detectives
Kids discover habitats and apply the basics of STEM as they design a habitat and consider different species need different things to survive.
Patterns in Nature
Participants discover a range of patterns in nature and begin the basics of scientific skills including; observation, identification and recording.
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